Academic Performance


We can help your child get higher grades, ace the next test, and enjoy being around friends in and out of the classroom every day.


Students who perform at a higher level than others in their class usually follow a set of mental and physical conditioning processes that enable them to produce winning results consistently.  We fine tune the brain and the body to function in harmony resulting in peak performance. It enables students to tap into more of their potential by enhancing their mental and physical strengths while minimizing their mental and physical barriers to give them the performance edge.

At MyNeurofeedBack we believe that performing at a level that matches their potential requires students to understand their mental strengths and weaknesses. By developing their weaker mental attributes and capitalizing on their mental strengths, they are capable of performing closer to their potential.

Self-confidence is one of the keys to success in the classroom.  Students with confidence are more alert, and have higher expectations for their success.  It is a sense of believing in yourself and in your ability.

The perception of possible failure can undermine confidence. Disappointing performance can adversely affect self-confidence and future performance of executives across all levels of experience. It is important for peak performers to direct their minds towards correction and balance.

Control over negative emotions and feelings such as anger, stress and anxiety is vital for peak performers.  Difficult and demanding situations can trigger strong emotions and feelings. They can produce tension and loss in concentration leading to inconsistent performance.  Peak performers learn how to control negative emotions by seeing problems as solvable challenges rather than threats. The brain needs all of its resources and functionality to perform this task.

In addition to brain and body balance, the specialists at Unique Mindcare believe that nutrition and functional health are also important for peak performance.

We can help students take their everyday life performance to the next level by helping them:

  • Set goals for mental and physical fitness and balance
  • Be more alert
  • Be more focused
  • Be more positive
  • Be more confident
  • Be more efficient professionally
  • Manage stress effectively
  • Enjoy relationships


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